Caricature of the Month ==>Conor McGregor

Caricature of Conor McGregor by Darrell Mordecai

Here is this month’s caricature of the month. Its Conor Mcgregor!!! Thanks to Jason Cohen for suggesting him. It took a few drafts as I was trying to get McGregors raw confidence to show in this drawing.  

It was once said that a caricature is a portrait with the volume turned up. With this in mind getting a decent likeness is not just about facial features. It is also about attitude.  

Here is the thing…

Did you ever have someone walk into the room and instantly the energy in the room changes. Seeing him on video I’m assuming McGregor is one of those people. He just radiates confidence in a larger than life kind of way.

Instant vibe change in the room.

Let me know in the comments if there is someone famous that you want me to do a caricature of. Who knows, I might take you up on the idea.