Caricature of the Month — Me!!!

This month’s Caricature of the Month is me!!!

Actually I got really good suggestions from readers. Thank you and please keep sending them to me. The reason I have drawn myself is I needed a self portrait for an interview in Bizness magazine. As a result, I will be keeping all the suggestions over for another month. Here’s the thing… If there is someone famous you always wanted to see as a caricature, please let me know in the comments or email me at

Caricature of me.
Caricature of Darrell by Darrell Mordecai

Who knows, if I like the idea, I might draw the person you suggested. I love hearing from you!  My sister in law said that this caricature looks more like me than a photograph. The reason for that is an interesting story: When I was in college I was studying fine art in South Africa. It was the year of the first ever democratic elections in South Africa. This was the official end of apartheid. I distinctly remember Nelson Mandella’s and F.W De Klerk’s election posters adorning the streets.  

Here’s the deal…

Everybody knew that Mandella’s ANC was going to win against the NAT party. It was like a dream come true. Tensions were high. Was the election going to even happen? The odds were not in favor of that happening. The AWB (which was a rabid pro apartheid party) were threatening civil war.  

We get the week to create Portraits

I’m not entirely sure why, maybe because of the danger, but we were given the entire week of the election off. One of my lecturers gave us a project to keep us busy… We were to do a self portrait drawing each day and incorporate a newspaper article into the portrait. I really worked hard at the project. Each day I stood in front of a mirror and studied my face. What was the result?? By the end of the week I knew every inch of my face.  

My turn to vote came

I distinctly remember one day stopping my drawing to go and vote. That vote made history. The day did not go well for the country as so many things went wrong… There was violence and bombs were planted. Also there were not enough ballots and people stood in line the entire day without voting. How typical of South Africa I remember thinking. Maybe they were not expecting such a big turnout.  

A second day to vote, miracles occur

A second day of voting was announced. The printers stayed up all night printing new ballots. This is an amazing story in its own right but to keep this post short, I won’t elaborate here. The second day of voting was nothing but miraculous… There was basically no crime in a completely crime riddled country that day. Even the criminals were out voting! If you want to see an absolutely mind blowing documentary watch this. I have only related a fraction of the story and it really is amazing.  

I improve as a caricature artist

After that week my face was indelibly etched into my mind. (Although I do look a little older now.) I do think that is why my self portrait came out so well. After writing this post I think that it might have been more appropriate to do a caricature of Mandella or De Klerk. Let me know in the comments if you want me to. Need caricature?? Contact me here or simply email me as