Live Caricature

Make your event Unforgettable


Are you making a party of having an event?

Caricature of Ilai by Darrell MordecaiDo you want…
  • an unforgettable event
  • guests that are constantly laughing and entertained
  • people to remind you how successful your event was years later




The thing is…

People are really fascinated to watch a professional artist create some thing. Especially if it is…

spontaneous, fun and humorous.

Not only that, but it is a perfect ice breaker when people don’t know each other that well. The jokes and laughter starts almost immediately.

Here is what people are saying…

“Darrell Mordecai did a great job as a  caricaturist at our son’s Bar Mitzva. We enjoyed watching the boys smiling and laughing as they got their pictures drawn. Darrell was professional, relaxed, and fun all at the same time. It really enhanced our Simcha.”



“We really enjoyed having you at the party. All the kids and adults alike enjoyed your demonstration. I would daresay they were riveted and you being here made our daughter’s Bas Mitzvah much more special for our guests.”

The great thing is that people will take home a great caricature and might even keep it on their wall, reminding them of your event.


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